I Just Can’t Sleep

Why I can't sleep‘And Another Reason Why I Can’t Sleep’

oil on hardboard

For the last few weeks Kea has been struggling with getting to sleep.  Nearly every night I am spending my evenings going up and down stairs because of some crazy reasons as to why he can’t sleep.  It’s been driving me slightly mad.  All the reasons appear to be so trivial and seem like just an excuse, but each reason is taken very seriously.  It seems a vicious circle, he knows that he is tired and needs to get into bed on time but then stresses out about sleeping, school, friends, swimming and sometimes doesn’t get to sleep until gone past midnight.  You name it, he stresses about it. I know its starting to become a habit and it’s proving to be a hard one to break. Even the cat is fed up with it!  So sad that a 9 year old is such a worrier.

Any suggestions?


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