No Sales

Sadly the last exhibition that I was in wasn’t a great success.  It still amazes me the quality of art work that is entered into these shows in Essex.  The price ranges differ so much which means that people have an option to buy from around £25 a picture to £500.  In some ways this is good I see as there is something for everyone’s  budget but sadly this doesn’t help those who are trying to make a living out of painting.  I thought that the quality of the work would have been better as it was a charity event but I was sadly disappointed.  I don’t feel too bad as my entry fee went to a good cause.

Never mind, you can only know if you take part.  From listening to other artists and what they have achieved this year I’ve come to realise that you have got to have a go at everything.  Put your name down for everything and you may then be pleasantly surprised and it can help you get noticed and found.  So from now on guys it’s yes to everything!

Here is a preview into a few of the pieces I’m thinking of putting into the exhibition in September.  I need to make my mind up about what to put in the show by the beginning of August.  Yes or no to these pieces?


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