The Art Box

paint box

The schools have broken up and so its time for holidays which means getting out of London – hooray!  Most of the summer we usually spend with family and go camping in our camper van called Boris.  I decided it was time to get myself organised for some outdoor painting. It was time to invest in something that is small and easy to carry around.  I found this gem on the internet and it came filled with old paint which was a great bonus.  The idea is that it is really easy to carry.  You find your spot to sit, open the box and then you are ready to paint.  There are brilliant places to put your paints, brushes and mediums which are then covered by a palette.  You rest the box on your knee, open it up, place your canvas/board on the lid, which can be set to any angle, and off you go!  Afterwards the canvas can sit nicely in the lid wet, you close the lid and carry it all home.  I’m so chuffed with this box which only cost me £20! I definitely recommend getting one of these.

I can’t wait to get out there and paint some more now – I just wish it would stop raining!


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